Federal University of the Rio Grande do Sul

The Federal University of the Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) is the largest public university in Southern Brazil. The latest research evaluation carried out by the Brazilian Research Council (CNPq) points UFRGS as one of the top five research universities in Brazil. All graduate programs in the State of Rio Grande do Sul with the highest marks in the latest Research Assessment carried out by the Brazilian Ministry of Education are based at UFRGS.

About 440 of UFRGS‘ professors are Advanced Research Fellows of CNPq, a figure that corresponds to about 2/3 of all fellows in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, 18 of which are professors at the Institute of Informatics. The Institute of Informatics has consistently been recognized as one of the main centers for Computer Science research, education and technology transfer in Brazil. Both its undergraduate and graduate programs have been consistently ranked among the best in the country.

Currently, the Institute has 71 professors and researchers divided into research groups working in computer systems, information systems, digital systems and microelectronics, computer applications and theoretical computer science. The Institute was highly influential in laying the foundations for the computer and software industry in the state of the Rio Grande do Sul in the 1970's and in transforming the City of Porto Alegre and its vicinities into one of the top three technology clusters in the country.
Students, researchers and alumni of the Institute have founded several successful IT companies in the state and around the country. The role of UFRGS in this project concerns two main tasks, the development of the reconfigurable processing fabric and the reconfigurable communication fabric, covering not only the power performance trade-off, but fault tolerance as well.


Professor Luigi Carro
Departamento de Informatica Aplicada, Instituto de Informatica
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