IBM Research Laboratory (Israel)

IBM Israel Science and Technology Limited, better known today as the IBM Research Laboratory in Haifa (HRL), first opened as the IBM Scientific Center in 1972. The sites today are located in Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Rehovot. Approximately 330 technical employees and 120 students work at IBM Haifa Labs in Israel; 25 percent of the technical staff has doctorate degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, or related fields. Employees are actively involved in teaching in Israeli higher education institutions and in supervising post-graduate theses. R&D projects are being executed today by HRL in areas such as storage systems, verification technologies, multimedia, active management, information retrieval, programming environments, optimization technologies and life sciences.

In code optimization technologies area, HRL focuses on a range of optimization problems, both in compilers and post-link optimization tools which take advantage of the underlying structure of modern VLIW and superscalar processors (e.g. PowerPC). Haifa's researchers contributed to IBM's proprietary technology components as well as to open source tools such as the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). In the context of GCC, IBM Haifa has been involved in researching sophisticated optimization techniques such as global and local instruction scheduling, modulo scheduling, auto-vectorization, inter-procedural optimizations including data layout transformations, and more. Complementary to optimizing compilers, HRL developed post-link binary instrumentation and optimization technology, called FDPR-Pro. The FDPR-Pro tool uses the profiling information and the program global view to optimize the most frequently executed pieces of code, potentially at the expense of the rest of the program. This technology proved itself in a variety of market segments such as database engines, embedded software components, etc. Recently, the Haifa researchers started looking into new promising domains such as dynamic and adaptive monitoring and optimization of long running programs, architectures of media processors (e.g. DSPs) and related code optimization problems, exploitation of machine learning techniques for iterative optimization, and more.


IBM Research Lab in Haifa, Israel
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